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TASER® Fires 15 Feet

Each TASER® cartridge fires two projectiles up to 15 feet which penetrate the skin or clothing and act as electrodes to facilitate a disabling electrical charge which completely disrupts the body's electromuscular system. Unlike an ordinary stungun which relies soley on pain, an attacker is rendered completely harmless for at least 30 seconds, and usually much longer.
Also Works on Contact

The integrated LED flashlight illuminates the area, and the optional lasersight makes sure you don't miss. Both projectiles must hit the person and the charge penetrates through a combined 2 inch thickness of clothing. You are not defenseless if you miss, since the TASER® also works on contact like an ordinary stungun. Both the TASER® C2 pictured here, and the TASER® M18/M18L use the same advanced technology.

Each TASER® cartridge fires two projectile electrodes up to 15 feet

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