Air TASER® Weapon fires 50,000 Volts for 15 feet Air TASER® Weapon

Powerful stun gun that drops assailants to the ground from a distance of up to 15 feet away. The Air TASER® Weapon Stungun Handle, two Air TASER® Weapon Cartridges and complete instructions are only $159.99 plus $3.55 shipping and handling. The Air TASER® Weapon Kit is also available upon request which also includes a practice target, handstrap, 9 volt battery, video tape and carrying case for $249.95 plus $4.65 shipping and handling. The Air TASER® Weapon Sport Kit is also available which in addition to the above also includes a third TASER® Weapon Air Cartridge and yellow color for high visibility at $299.95 plus $4.65 shipping and handling.

A compressed nitrogen gas cartridge fires projectiles that inflict 50,000 volts of discharge into the subject, along with 7 Watts and 57 MilliAmps of measureable power, the highest conventional stun gun current found anywhere. The charge continues automatically for several seconds and can be activated again by depressing the trigger. It leaves assailants incapacitated long afterwards. More stopping power than a conventional .38 firearm and completely effective no matter where on the body the subject is hit, even through 2 and 1/2 inches of clothing including heavy leather jackets. Equipped with an optional Laser Sight, it becomes the formidable Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight Weapon.

Air TASER® Weapon drops subject from 15 feet away Extremely formidable shock power from a safe range of 15 feet will take down over 97% of all attackers in less than a second. Compact and easy to use by anyone, it is the ultimate everyday self defense weapon. Easily concealed in pocket or purse, it's "knock down" power is readily available to quickly take down assailants instantly and effortlessly. Completely nonlethal with no lasting side effects, so it is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, or briefcase. Because it is not classified as a firearm, it is legal to carry it with you in most states. It is even legal to use in most places as a concealed weapon. (We do not ship to NJ.) Widely used worldwide by law enforcement agencies and highly recommended for civilian use.

Air TASER® Weapon Features Optional equipment includes: laser sight, carrying pouch with automobile visor clip, shoulder holster, law enforcement paddle holster and additional sets of replacement TASER® Air Cartridges. Requires one standard 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). We recommend an Energizer 9 Volt Battery for this weapon over all other brands. Full instructions included. Size is 8" x 2.5" x 1" so it can be easily carried in any pocket or purse. Free Lifetime Warranty included. We will replace any broken Air TASER® Weapon properly registered under the Free Lifetime Warranty Program. Includes: TASER® Weapon Stun Gun and Two (2) CO2 Air Cartridges.

Air TASER® WeaponWas $159.99


*Please Note: The AIR TASER® has now been replaced by the ALL NEW C2 TASER®.

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