Arming and firing the TASER® M18L is an almost instinctive motion which can be easily accomplished without even looking down. You can practice by doing it without a cartidge in the weapon. Firing the weapon without a cartridge will light the laser sight and arc high voltage sparks across the front of the barrel like an ordinary stun gun. You can also test fire the TASER® with a cartridge in the barrel by aiming at a piece of aluminum foil attached to a wall from a distance of up to 15 feet. The TASER® M18L comes with 4 cartridges for that purpose. Each cartridge fires only once. Never practice on another person. The TASER® is a very serious weapon.

There is a safety lever on both sides of the weapon for easy thumb release by both right and left-handed persons. The safety will not accidently disengage in a pocket or purse under normal circumstances. The safety action and trigger action is simple and instinctive. Releasing the safety also simultaneously activates the laser sight. The laser sight increases the deterence value of the weapon since an attacker's reaction might be to turn and run when they see the laser sight pointed at them. Most important is that the laser sight virtually insures you won't miss.

The cartridge fires once, and both projectiles must hit the subject's body or clothing. The projectiles have barbed hooks that embed themselves in clothing or under the skin about 1/2 inch. These projectiles must sometimes be surgically removed. As a short-range weapon, the maximum range is 15 feet. Both projectiles must hit, and the projectiles spread out somewhat as the distance to the subject increases. Therefore accuracy is greater at a distance of 5 to 10 feet. Fire from a safe distance, but remember that the closer you are, the less likely you are to miss. The TASER® is a single-shot weapon. The cartridge must be replaced after firing in order to fire again at a distance. However if you do miss, or if there is a second attacker, the TASER® will continue to function on contact like an ordinary stun gun, even if you do not have time to replace or remove the spent cartridge.

The TASER® M18 and M18L (L is the laser sight model) will bring down an attacker 99 times out of a hundred. It is an extremely rugged and dependable weapon. It is identical in design principle to what law enforcement uses. It is designed to work only on humans, not on animals. An ordinary stun gun works on the principle of inflicting pain on the attacker. Some attackers are able to overcome high voltage pain, so ordinary stun guns are ineffective on subjects high on PCP, Meth or other drugs. The TASER® works on an entirely different high-tech principle. It does not rely on pain as a deterent. It uses a scientifically advanced principle of "Electro Muscular Disruption" (EMD) that interrupts the body's ability to control it's muscles. Therefore the TASER® will bring down an attacker 99 times out of a hundred and keep them down for at least 2 or 3 minutes and usually 5 minutes or more.

Dimensions are 8" long with the cartridge in place and 5 1/2" high. Weight is 1 lb with batteries in place. The TASER® M18 and M18L come only in black and look like the serious weapons they are.

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