Electrical Specifications

Electrical Theory of Operation

The system uses a single 9-volt alkaline battery as the input source and a simple switching circuit feeds an inverter transformer, is rectified to a DC voltage and charges the output capacitor (.22 uF) to a maximum of 2,000 Volts DC. Once the output capacitor reaches 2,000 VCD, the energy is discharged through a spark gap directly into the output coil. The output coil multiplies the voltage and generates the loaded output discharge as discussed below.

Electrical Output Energy

The AIR TASER® Weapon generates 10-15 pulses per second. Each pulse is approximately .4 Joule. Calculated by 0.5 * C * V ** 2 or 0.5. * .00000022 F * 2000 V ** 2 = .4 Joule. AT 15 pulses per second and.4 Joules per pulse, 6 Joules per second is the maximum delivered energy per second.

Loaded Output Discharge

When the output is connected to a 4,000 Ohm load, each individual pulse of 3.5 uS (.0000035 second) in duration and measures 23,600 volts DC peak with a peak current of 5.9 Amps. The DC waveform is sinusoidal. The time-averaged current is .00022 Amps. The maximum average power output of the AIR TASER is 6 Watts.

Electrical Test Setup

The output of the AIR TASER® Weapon is measured by connecting a 4,000-Ohm wire would 5 watt resistor submerged in mineral oil (for insulation) across the output leads. A high-speed (150-MHz) digital Oscilloscope (Tektronix 320) and a high voltage probe are also connected across the outputs.

Electrical Derivations

The peak current is calculated to be 5.9 Amps.

I (Amps) = E (Volts) / R (Ohms) ; 23,600/ 4,000 = 5.9 Amps).

The peak power is calculated to be 139,240 Watts

P (Watts) = I (Amps) * E (Volts) ; 5.9 * 23,600 = 139,240).

  • Average power is derived as follows:
  • Multiplying by .707 averages the sinusoidal waveform (to an approximate amount).
  • Average Power = P (peak Watts) * F (pulses per second) * T (seconds) * A (waveform averaging conversion).
  • Average Power = 139,240 Watts (peak) * 15 pulses per second *0.0000035 seconds * .707 (sinusoidal averaging conversion).
  • Average Power = 5.16 Watts Average.
  • A 15% margin is added for conservatism, therefore 1.15 * 5.16 = 6.0 Watts Average.

Ballistic Impact Power

Each of the two AIR TASER® Weapon projectiles is expelled from the unit at a maximum velocity of 60 meters per second. Each projectile weighs 1.75 grams. 1 Joule = 10198.8 Gram-cm/sec. Therefore the impact energy is 1.03 Joules. The impact area is .30 cm2 circular. The equivalent energy per unit area is therefore 3.43 Joules/cm2.

AIR TASER® Weapon Operational Specifications

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