Frequently Asked Questions

Address questions to "TASER INFO" at:


> I just looked at your web site, and am thinking about a purchase.
> Question about the free stuff, is it really totally free or do you have to
> order something that costs to get the free stuff?

For a limited time only, if you order an M18 or M18L 
Advanced TASER® Weapon, you can request 1 (one) free 
Shoulder Holster ($89.95 value) postage paid.


> I was wondering what type of materials the TASER® Weapon cannot
> penetrate. I would be grateful if you could get back to me. Thank you

It will penetrate clothing including heavy leather jackets.
It is designed to attach itself with barbed projectiles so
it will not easily pull out of clothing or the body.  The
projectiles will not penetrate hard solid objects like
metal body armour, but it will likely attach itself and
still be effective with kevlar worn under the clothing.
As long as it attaches itself to the clothing it will work.


> I am looking to find a TASER® Weapon that can fire over 100 feet away. Please
> let me know if anyone makes one or what it would cost to have one made
> like that. Thanks.

The effective range of a TASER® Weapon is 15 feet.
That is because two projectiles are fired
and they must both strike the subject.
As the distance increases, the projectiles
spread out.  At 15 feet, the projectiles
are 25 inches apart.  At more than 15 feet,
the chances of both projectiles hitting is 
not likely.  If one projectile misses, nothing
happens.  That is why a TASER® Weapon will not work
from 100 feet away, however the Laser Sight
will frighten attackers off from much greater

The Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight will draw a bead on
your subject at a distance of up to 100 feet away.
The M18L Laser Sight will target someone from
an even greater distance.  This offers a great
advantage because it threatens an attacker
from a considerable distance.  The subject will
most likely not continue to advance in your
direction when he sees that he is targeted.
He will not know what type of weapon he is
about to be hit with.  All he knows is that
you have him in your bullseye, and he stands
no chance of escaping.

Although your effective range is 15 feet, no
attacker will wait around to find out what is
going to happen to them when a red bullseye
appears on their chest.  


> I'm interested in the advertised Air Taser
> Weapon, ($259.00) and would like to know:
> How much it costs to ship it and how long it takes to
> despatch it to Dublin, Republic of Ireland?

In Europe only France and Germany allow
Tasers, and even then there are very limited
restrictions requiring special licenses.  We
cannot ship to the UK.  If you know anyone
in the U.S., they could easily purchase one.
We will ship to any address in the U.S. except 
New Jersey.  Thank you for your interest.


> Thanks for the quick response.
> I intend to buy and ship the Air-taser to Dublin,
> Republic of Ireland (which was not listed in the
> countries restricting possession of the taser) not
> United Kingdom, unless Ireland is grouped together
> with United Kingdom.
> Advise so that I can decide what to do next.
> Hoping to hear from you soon

We cannot ship to Ireland.  We would if we
could, but it would likely be confiscated at
customs.  If you purchase a TASER® Weapon here,
don't put it in your carry-on luggage.
You also take a risk flying it into some
countries with it in your checked luggage.

You can order online for shipment to any U.S. address
accept in the state of New Jersey, but not outside
the U.S.  Even in countries where possession is legal,
EVERYONE must now obtain an export license in order 
for us to ship outside the U.S.


> I saw your air taser weapon on your internet site. Could you 
> tell me if you also make one that shoots 30 feet instead of 15 
> feet for use outside of the US. Also, how soon after the first 
> shot can you shoot again, and is there a gunsight on it. Thanks.

It would do no good to have a longer range because both
projectiles must hit the target, and a longer range would
make that impossible.  At a range of 2 feet, the projectiles
will hit the subject with a spread of 3 inches apart.  At a
15 foot range, the spread will be 25 inches apart.  At a
longer range than 15 feet, the spread will be over 2 feet
apart which will make it likely that both projectiles will not
hit the subject.  If one of the projectiles miss, the Taser
will have no affect whatsoever.

Although military and law enforcement are offered Taser
cartridges with a range of 21 feet instead of 15 feet, they
are trained to never fire at a range of more than 15 feet
if at all possible.  The best range to fire is between 5 feet
and 7 feet when the spread is between 8 inches and 
12 inches apart.  When fired at a 10 foot range the spread
is 17 inches apart.  That means that unless you aim for
the upper chest, the lower projectile may pass between 
the subject's legs.

Both the M18 Advanced TASER® Weapon and the Air TASER® Weapon are
available with Laser Sights.  You can add a Laser Sight to
the Air TASER® Weapon later, but if you want a Laser Sight on your
M18, it cannot be added later.  Order the M18L which has
the Laser Sight already built in.  It works on the same
set of batteries as the weapon and is activated with the 
weapon's safety switch.  The Laser Sight will make your
im to the upper chest very accurate so you will be less
likely to miss at any range.

With the new Secondary Cartridge Clip you can carry a
second Air Cartridge attached to the bottom of your M18
or M18L Advanced Taser.  With practice you should be 
able to reload within 2 seconds.

Thank you for your interest and very good questions.  It
is not possible for us to ship outside the U.S. so are you
here in the U.S. or are you in a different country?  If you
are elsewhere, we may be able to refer you to one of our
foreign distributors located throughout the world.


> Will this thing stop a grizzly?  
> I have three small children under 5.  We backpack the Cascades, 4X4 camp in
> remote areas.  My wife and I both pack high caliber automatic handguns as
> defense against a bear or human predators.  (We ran accross an mom a few
> years back and narrowly escaped with our lives.)   We would like to get rid
> of the handguns with the accompanying dangers to our children and carry a
> non lethal weapon such as a taser. I have used a taser against a human
> attacker with great success.  How effective is this device against a
> blubbery grizzly?  Will it put her out long enough for us to withdraw?  
> Any help would be appreciated.

We absolutely cannot guarantee that it will have any affect
on a grizzly.  We have no record of anyone ever having
used a TASER® Weapon in the wild on a grizzly.  The TASER® Weapon is designed
to work on a human, and therefore we strongly advise you not
to carry it as your only means of defense against a grizzly
or any other type of animal.  When used against a 2000 lb
buffalo it stunned him for only an instant.  He dropped onto
his hind quarters, but was back up in 2 seconds and became
very angry.  If a grizzly reacts in the same way, it would make
a bad situation even worse.  Others do carry TASER® Weapons when
in remote areas for protection against human attackers, but
keep your firearms for protection against wild animals.


> Would you be able to tell me if tasers have been used or tested for animal
> control purposes?  If so, any background, research or evaluations you may
> have would be appreciated. Thanks for you assistance.

Although TASER® Weapon technology is designed for use
on humans, many outdoorsmen and women
carry a TASER® Weapon with them for protection. We are
told that animal trainers use it 
for protection when training wild bears for the
circus.  We know of no other handgun size
weapon that will provide better protection than
the TASER® Weapon M18 and M18L, but we make no
promises or guarantees.

The nervous systems of animals are greatly different than
human beings.  The TASER® Weapon is designed to be effective on a 
human attacker.   Accordingly, it will not be as effective at
incapacitating an animal as it is on a human being.  The 
TASER® Weapon should not be used as sole protection from wild,
uncontrollable, or attacking animals.

Since extensive tests have not been undertaken  we
can only speculate that a TASER® Weapon would probably stun
the animal momentarily, perhaps long enough to throw a
net over them.  The projectiles are barbed and a small
incision would be required to remove them humanely.
As an alternative to destroying animals on the spot, it
certainly seems to be a promising alternative.

Should you acquire a TASER® Weapon and use it on animals, please
let us know what results you experience in your situation.
It will help us better evaluate other uses for the Taser, and
would be very much appreciated.


> I had a question as to what would happen if one of the projectiles miss
> the assailant, but the other hits.  I understand that both probes must
> connect in order to be effective.  My question is, What happens if the
> assailant grabs the insulated wire and pulls on it ?  Will the insulated
> wired disengage from the taser ?  Can the assailant yank the taser out of
> a victim's hand ?
> This product is to be purchased for my wife and I want to ensure maximum
> safety with limited risk.

If only one projectile hits, it will feel to him as if he has a fish hook
deeply embedded in him.  He won't be able to pull it out easily.
It will produce a lot of pain if he tries.  The insulated wire will
break if pulled hard.  Thus it will break before there is enough
force to pull the TASER® Weapon from your wife's hand.  If she has another
cartridge, she can reload and fire again.  If not, she can use it
as a conventional stungun, even with the discharged cartridge
still in place.


> Hi, I've planned to come to N.Y. next week, I'm interested in ur Taser
> M18L and ,if it's possible, I'd like to know where I can find a store in
> the Big Apple selling your products. Thanx in advance.

There are no stores selling TASER® Weapons in New York because
it is restricted in New York, as well as in Italy.  If you wish,
we can send an M18L TASER® Weapon to you in care of your hotel.
Please fax us the order form at:
and also fax us a photo ID from your passport or drivers
license with a clear picture of yourself.  Please also state
that you have never been convicted of a felony.  Indicate
what dates you will be at the hotel, and give us the hotel's
full mailing address with zip code.  Fax to: 702-341-1652
with your Visa or Mastercard number and expiration date.
We will ship it to you there so it arrives during your stay.
All information will remain confidential to ensure your
privacy, unless it is ever subpoened by court order.


> Ok, fine 4 me, but I need to know one thing: is it legal to bring it
> outside US? I mean,what can police do if they find it in my baggage at the
> airport (JFK 4 example?) Thanx a lot!:) 

First please understand that we are not attorneys and
thus cannot offer you legal advice.  As long as you do 
not put it in your carry-on luggage, they probably won't
find it.  If they do, they could confiscate it and question
you about it. The worst case is you could receive a
small fine for a misdemeanor under New York law:

That is very unlikely though, unless you have a previous
criminal record, or unless you use it to commit a crime.
You are more likely to encounter a problem when you
go through customs while entering your own country. 
Most likely they will simply confiscate it if they find it
in your luggage, but you will need to research your laws
in the legal section of your library to find out what type
of penalties you might incur for possession in Italy.

Then the decision is up to you whether it is worth
the risk of penalties, against the risk of not having
a TASER® Weapon when you need it to protect yourself.


> I live in Las Vegas.  Is it legal to carry an air taser here (concealed)?
> I have a concealed weapon permit, but the police told me it is only good
> for handguns.  Any info appreciated.

Yes it is legal to carry a concealed TASER® Weapon according to
the most recent laws we have seen.  Unless the police
can site a more recent law than the ones listed here: it is completely legal,
and a permit is not required.


> Awesome device!!
> Very interested.
> What is the M18L body made of?  Looks composite like a Glock...
> What about the weight and feel of the M18L?
> Looking forward to your soon reply!

The M18L is made of high impact, very dense
plastic composite.  It has the feel of a modern
handgun with a stock designed for male grip.
(It may be too wide for a smaller female hand.)
With 8 AA batteries in the clip, and loaded with
a cartridge it weighs exactly 18 ounces.  Thanks
for your interest!


> This sounds good. How cheap is the cheapest, how expensive is the most
> expensive, what are the differences in quality, and how do I get them into
> Israel?

At $599.95 the M18L is the most expensive.
The Air TASER® Weapon at $159.99 is the least expensive
without case, target, video tape, or wrist strap.

Both are extremely effective, but at 18 WATTS
the M18L has even more power than that of the
7 WATT Air Taser.  The M18L also has a built
in laser sight which is more rugged than the
optional laser sight available for the Air Taser.
The M18L safety is also more rugged than the
Air Taser, and it is designed exactly like most
conventional handguns.

The Air TASER® Weapon has the advantage of being smaller
in that it does not have a handgun grip, so it is
easier to conceal and compact enough to fit into
any pocket or handbag.  The Air TASER® Weapon will stop
95 to 97% of all attackers.  The M18L will stop
all attackers without exception.

When traveling by air you must put your Taser
in your checked luggage.  It cannot be carried
on board.  We do not know Israel's current laws
with regard to possession or use of Tasers, but
we have heard that Israel inspects checked luggage.
We do not assume any liability for possession
or use of your TASER® Weapon in this country or elsewhere.

You can order online for shipment to any U.S. address.
However, even in countries where possession is legal,
EVERYONE must obtain an export license in order for us to
ship anywhere.


> When you say that your guns can shoot this voltage up to 15 feet away does
> that include multiple attackers or just one attacker?

Each cartridge fires once and then can be quickly replaced
to fire at another attacker.  If you are unable to replace the
cartridge quickly enough, it will still work on contact as a
conventional stungun, even with a spent cartridge in place.


> If you're hunting in the woods, would your taser gun be affective protection
> against a bear attack ?

Although TASER® Weapon technology is designed for use
on humans, many outdoorsmen and women
carry a TASER® Weapon with them for protection. We are
told that animal trainers use it 
for protection when training wild bears for the
circus.  We know of no other handgun size
weapon that will provide better protection than
the TASER® Weapon M18 and M18L, but we make no
promises or guarantees, and you should not
carry a TASER® Weapon as your only means of protection.


> I would like to know: If an attacker with a hand gun is hit by a taser
> will his finger contract and pull the trigger since it causes muscle
> contraction? Thanks 

Although it is possible if the firearm has a "hair trigger",
it is unlikely because the muscle spasms are combined
with a complete lack of control as the subject goes down.


> Hey thank you so much! but will they regain full energy after wards...say
> about 35 minutes to an hour later?

It may take up to an hour or more to be able to navigate,
and then several hours before they feel normal again.


> If you shoot someone with it in self defense does it kill them? how long
> will they be hurt and where do you shoot them to not permanently hurt
> them?

It will not kill them, unless of course they fall off a building,
fall off a cliff, or fall in front of a truck when they go down.
It will completely immobilize them and send them into
convulsions on the ground.  Often times it will look as if 
they are thrashing around on the ground as if they were
in an violent epileptic fit.  Reports are that it is very painful
to the subject as they are electrified.  The pain lasts during
the shock which lasts several seconds, or until you shut it
off sooner by turning the safety back on.

The ADVANCED TASER® Weapon causes central nervous system override in which all
conscious thoughts are overridden by subconscious thoughts in order to
protect itself from further perceived damage.

The human nervous system communicates with simple electrical impulses. 
The ADVANCED TASER® Weapon uses similar electrical impulses called TASER-Waves.

Our ADVANCED TASER® Weapon is an "EMD" (Electro-Muscular Disruption) system: 
These stun AND override the central nervous system causing uncontrollable
contractions of the muscle tissue.  The ADVANCED TASER® Weapon affects both the
sensory AND motor nervous system.  

FYI:  Central Nervous System is the command center (brain and spinal cord)
processes information and makes decisions.

Sensory Nervous System are made of nerves that carry information from the
body to the brain such as touch, temperature, etc.  Simple "stun guns" and
older TASER® Weapon technology from the Rodney King era affect these nerves.

Motor Nervous System nerves carry commands from the brain to the muscles
to control movement.  The ADVANCED EMD systems affect BOTH the
sensory and motor nerves.

Conducted Energy Weapons are effective because they overwhelm these
electrical impulses.  An ADVANCED TASER® Weapon can override the
central nervous system of the human body.  This will affects both sensory
and motor systems.  It does not rely solely on pain for compliance, but
can be painful.

Recovery can be instantaneous to a few minutes.

Shoot them anywhere on the body including anywhere on
their clothing. It will even penetrate heavy leather clothing
and heavy boots.  As long as you do not hit them in the
eyes, there will be absolutely no permanent damage.  The
probes that are fired are weighted and have barbed points
so they will penetrate clothing and/or skin up to 1/2 inch
deep and cannot be easily removed.  Thus if they penetrate
an eyeball, they could cause blindness.  

We recommend that you wait until the subject is between 
7 and 10 feet away before you fire so you won't miss.  Then
aim for their upper chest which provides the biggest target area.
The top projectile will land where you aim it, and the lower
projectile will land a few inches below it.  As long as both
projectiles land somewhere on the person, they will go down

The voltage is not what determines stopping power.  All Tasers
fire 50,000 VOLTS, but it is the WATTS of power that combine
with the voltage to provide the total amperage effectiveness.

The Air TASER® Weapon at 7 WATTS of power is effective against 95-97
percent of all attackers, but a very small number (3-5%) of
incredibly strong men have been able to overcome it.

The M18 and M18L TASER® Weapons are two and one-half times
as powerful with 18 WATTS of power.  That amount of stopping
power has been proven to stop 100% of all individuals it has
ever been tested on in the laboratory and in real-life situations.

When you absolutely, positively need to stop an attacker you
want the M18 or M18L.  The Air TASER® Weapon has the advantage of
being lighter and easier to conceal, and is ideal for use with
the Ready Clip that clips it to your automobile visor.  A velcro
flap keeps it concealed and ready for instant access in the car.
Instant access to your weapon is important because every
second counts when you are attacked.

People who are most serious about their personal protection
get both.  They get an M18L to carry in an inside jacket pocket
and an Air TASER® Weapon and Ready Clip for the sun visor of their car.


> Regarding the M18L weapon; after firing and the probes are imbeded in the
> subject and he/she is down how is the wire connection from the weapon to
> the subject severed?  Will jerking the weapon away sever the wires or must
> a mechanical method be used (cutting)?

Snap the cartridge off your M18L TASER® Weapon and leave it at the crime
scene.  If the cops arrive in 10-30 minutes, they will find the criminal
on the ground still attached to the cartridge.  Unless he is wearing
several layers of heavy clothes and a heavy leather jacket, it
will take a trip to the emergency room to have the probes surgically
removed from the body.  He will go down, and stay down even if
the probes do not penetrate the skin.  The M18 and M18L Tasers
are effective through even 2 and 1/2 inches of heavy clothing.
The wires can be snapped off, but he won't be able to immediately.
It will take at least a minute and usually 10-30 minutes to recover.
If he has a knife, he could cut the probes out of his body himself,
but that would take a very disciplined combat-hardened veteran.
The probes penetrate 1/2 inch deep and are barbed like fish hooks.

He may recover enough to leave the scene within 10-30 minutes.
If the cops don't arrive by then, he may not be apprehended, so
tell the police to check the hospital emergency rooms in the area.
TASER® Weapons are designed to protect you from personal harm, and give
you enough time to escape an attacker.  The M18 and M18L
will always give you at least a full minute of time to escape.


> What are the restrictions in MA?

They are listed at:
If you purchase a Taser, you take full responsibility
for possession and use of the weapon.  If you use it
to commit a crime, you will likely be charged with the 
maximum penalty.  If you use it to defend yourself, you 
may get a lesser penalty, or possibly none at all, 
but we make no guarantees.  The only state we do
not ship to is New Jersey.


> Will the taser stop an attacking bear?  It seems like it would be a much
> better item than pepperspray or a handgun for us backpackers.  are there 
> larger models for this purpose?

The TASER® Weapon is designed for use against humans and not against
animals so we must inform you that you should not use a Taser
as your only means of defense agains danergous animals like
bears.  With that said, we can report that many hikers and others
carry TASER® Weapons with them for protection.  Stun TASER® Weapons have been used by
animal trainers, but we do not have documentation of use against
wild bears.  Certainly it is a humane alternative to shooting a wild
bear dead, and tranquilizer darts do not have an immediate effect.
Get the 18 Watt M18 or M18L handgun style TASER® Weapon which is more
powerful than the 7 Watt Air Taser.  The most effective range is
7 to 10 feet on humans and presumably on bears as well.  Please
report back to us if you ever use a TASER® Weapon on a bear so we can
compile more information on the effect it has on them, and 
good luck!


> I was wondering about compressed nitrogen gas cartridge that fires
> projectiles that inflict 50,000 volts of discharge. Exactly what comes out
> and how does the compressed gas cartridge get refilled.  Thanks alot.

The compressed gas fires two projectiles trailing 15
feet of insulated electrical wire. the projectiles are
barbed and actually look like miniature harpoons
with a barb on the end that prevent them from being
easily removed.  In fact, they may have to be surgically
removed.  Most subjects end up in an emergency room
where a small incision needs to be made to remove each
the of the projectiles.

The compressed gas cartridges are not refilled, they
fire only once and are then discarded.  The cartridges
also scatter dozens of microdots that look like confetti.
Each microdot has the registration number of the Taser
or replacement cartridge so the weapon can be traced to
the original purchaser of the weapon or cartridge.  In the
event of a TASER® Weapon ever utilized to commit a crime, law
enforcement are able to trace the weapon back to the
original purchaser.


> I am contemplating buying a stun gun / taser gun.  However, I would like
> to buy one with variable stun/shock capabilities.
> I'm not sure on what the correct term are (volts, watts, EMD???), but I
> would like a device that can vary the effect on a human from complete
> shut-down, to just a minor electrical shock (the kind that just makes you
> jump!).
> Is there such a device on the market?  If there is one, what is it called,
> do you sell it (if not possible places I can get it), how much is
> it...etc.
> I really hope you can help.

There is no such stun gun on the market.
Old, weak batteries may affect the amount of shock.
I hope you do not intend to use this as a means
of a prank or some other sort of sadistic purpose.
TASER® Weapons are very painful.


> I am a Senior Ranger for the Shire of Roebourne in Western Australia. 
> A major function of ours duties is dealing with animals especially dogs. 
> Some of these dogs become quite aggressive and or stand out of arms reach. 
> We are considering using the TASER® Weapon as an alternative to destroying dogs 
> on the spot. Could you please supply information on what the effects of 
> the TASER® Weapon is on an animal. 

As an alternative to destroying the animal, the TASER® Weapon is certainly
worth a try.  The projectiles will need to be humanely removed by
cutting a small incision.  A dog presents a small target.  At 7 feet
away the projectiles will land 12 inches apart.  At 15 feet away the
projectiles will land 25 inches (63 centimeters) apart, so get as
close as possible before firing.  A human is a vertical target.
A dog is a horizontal target. Turn your TASER® Weapon sideways so the
spread is horizontal instead of vertical.  

The nervous systems of animals are greatly different than
human beings.  The TASER® Weapon is designed to be effective on a 
human attacker.   Accordingly, it will not be as effective at
incapacitating an animal as it is on a human being.  The 
TASER® Weapon should not be used as sole protection from wild,
uncontrollable, or attacking animals.

Since extensive tests have not been undertaken with dogs
we can only speculate that a TASER® Weapon would probably stun
the animal momentarily, perhaps long enough to throw a
net over them.  The projectiles are barbed and a small
incision would be required to remove them humanely.
As an alternative to destroying the dogs on the spot, it
certainly seems to be a promising alternative.

Should you acquire a TASER® Weapon and use it on animals, please
let us know what results you experience in your situation.
It will help us better evaluate other uses for the Taser, and
would be very much appreciated.


> Can the product be used to stun animals ? If you are aware of such
> trials, please give me any results found.

TASER® Weapons are not designed for use on animals, and we are not aware
of anything else designed for that purpose.  A TASER® Weapon reputably
dropped a 2000 lb buffalo for 2 seconds onto his hindquarters, but
it mad him very angry and he got right back up.  Not recommended
but is carried in Alaska for protection from Grizzly bears.  No
reports of anyone using one against a Grizzly and no idea what
might happen.  No guarantees what will happen to a particular


> Where can I purchase in Europe ?  I live in Switzerland but the
> products may be tried overseas. However, i wish to take delivery in
> Europe.

TASER® Weapons are illegal in Switzerland and most of the rest of Europe.
You need a special permit to purchase one in France.  If you ever
travel to the U.S., we can ship it to you in care of your hotel. Fax
your order with your travel itinerary so it will arrive when you do.
Also please fax a photo ID like a drivers license.  Your privacy
is protected of course.  By fax we accept MC, Visa, Novus, and
Discover.  We will ship to any U.S. state except New Jersey.


> If the product is packed with personal effects in normal suitcase,
> presumably without the battery source, can it be detected by the usual
> security scanning at airports?

When traveling do not put it in a carry-on.  Put it in your checked
baggage.  We cannot guarantee it will not be discovered if your
checked baggage is x-rayed, but if you put it in a carry-on it will
very likely be discovered.  Some countries are more likely to inspect 
checked luggage than others.  Israel for instance will inspect every 
checked bag.  Some countries in Africa will never check.


> Can I use a taser against wild animals or it works only on humans?
> I used pepper spray successfully against rattlesnakes, how about them
> tasers against bears/deer/moose?

TASER® Weapons are designed for use against humans, and therefore
we cannot guarantee or even predict the outcome on animals.
The following story was reported to us, and because it has
not been verified, we cannot attest to it's authenticity.
Reportedly a TASER® Weapon was used on a 2000 pound buffalo.  The
animal dropped onto it's hindquarters, but rose again angrily
within 2 and 1/2 seconds. We know of no other incidents
with animals.  The TASER® Weapon is not designed to be an alternative
to tranquilizer darts or other wild animal control systems.


> Do you make a low voltage taser for animals?  I am looking for a product

> to use on my dogs when they get into fights.  I feel this may be a safer
> means to break up the fights than getting physical with them and possible
> getting bitten.
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.

You can use the Air TASER® Weapon which is 7 Watts instead of the
M18L or M18 TASER® Weapons which are 18 Watts.  In addition,
you can use an old 9 Volt battery that is not fully charged
which means the effective TASER® Weapon output will be less than
the maximum 50,000 Volts.  Still, it should only be used
in extreme circumstances because the probes that are
fired can become imbedded so deep into the skin that
they may have to be removed by a vet.  It will also be
much more painful to a dog than the shock they receive
from an "invisible fence" for example.

I personally would use it against someone else's dog
that was attacking me, but would never use it on one
of my own dogs except in extreme circumstances.  The
18 Watt M18 was tested on a 2000 pound buffalo and
brought it down to it's hindquarters within 15 seconds.
Although it didn't stay down long, you can imagine
what it would do to a dog.

We don't make a low voltage model specifically for
animals.  I hope that answered your question.


> Will the taser stop only human attack or will it also stop animal attack ?
> And if so how big?  I've heard that it could stop a charging buffalo in
> its tracks...Any truth to that?  Thank you for your time!

An M18 stopped a 200 pound buffalo and dropped
him onto his hindquarters for 3 seconds. But he 
immediately got up again.  It made him mad.


> I was curious about the ages at which this device could be deadly.  I have
> a young daughter and the thought of her getting hurt by an accident has
> been the biggest reason I have not purchased a handgun.  What kind of data
> do you have regarding children and the effects of the taser?

We have nothing to offer that is strictly scientific,
but can only guess that although a young child
may suffer some trauma if stunned by accident,
it is unlikely that there would be any permanent
damage in a child of 6 years or older.  That is
assuming they were stunned only once, and not
repeatedly.  The 7 Watt Air TASER® Weapon will stun for 7
seconds, pause for 30 seconds and then repeat.
The charge is not life-threatening, but somewhat
painful and leaves the stunned person exhausted.

The 18 Watt M18 and M18L will stun for 5
seconds, pause for 30 seconds and then repeat
until shut off.  No child has ever been involved
in a test or accident however, so it is simply
speculation.  The 18 Watt TASER® Weapon is quite painful,
and that might cause some trauma in a young child.

In addition, the probes that are fired could cause
serious harm or even blindness if fired into the eyes.
If the child has any physical condition like a heart
condition, epilepsy or asthma, the risks are greater.

Yet compared to a handgun, the TASER® Weapon is an excellent
alternative with respect to mortal safety.  Hopefully
that answers the question to your satisfaction.


> Is a taser more or less effective, or not affected, when used against
> someone who is soaking wet (eg from the rain)?

Rain has no affect at all on the effectiveness of the Taser,
and in tests with wet subjects standing in a pool, it still had
no change in effectiveness.


> How are tasers affected, if at all, by high winds?

The TASER® Weapon is a short range weapon that is effective within 15
feet, so high winds are not a factor within such a short range.


> Dear Sir, I have owned alot of stun-guns! 300,000 ones 150,000 ones even
> batons. I was in a position to be a dealer, knowing a lot of local police
> officers and detectives. I believe your M18L is the hottest one I have ever
> seen!! I still question it's ability a little, 350lb. drunks, PCP users and
> a few other situations? Does the 50,000V 133MA lack any in total knockdown
> power?

Thanks for your inquiry.  The M18's 50,000 volts
of discharge with 18 Watts and 133 MilliAmps
will stop even Arnold Schwarzeneger.  Instead
of just one 9 volt battery, it takes eight (8) AA
batteries.  It has more takedown power than any
other weapon we have ever seen.


> Does a TASER® Weapon make noise when used?

It sounds like the pop of an air gun when fired, and then like 
the crackling of a stun gun upon impact.


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