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Time Cop A TASER® Weapon is featured in the major motion picture Time Cop from Universal Pictures. This exciting action adventure stars Claude Van Damme in an action-packed thriller from the science fiction future. Now available in Video and DVD, it can be purchased below.

Hannibal Hannibal is the sequel to the Academy Award winning film Silence Of The Lambs starring Anthony Hopkins and Julianne Moore. What is the only weapon that stops Hannibal in the film? You guessed it - a TASER® Weapon - but we won't give away the rest. See the film if you dare.

Strange Days A TASER® Weapon is featured in the major motion picture Strange Days from James Cameron (Titanic). With an immersive, anarchistic feel and a brief glimpse of what our future could look like, Strange Days is definitely a cult classic. It takes on the perverse addictive thrill of virtual reality, racism, violence and rape in a slick look at our cyber future. Ralph Fiennes plays a former vice cop who now sells addicting, virtual reality clips that allow a user to experience the recorded sensations of others. He becomes embroiled in a murder conspiracy, tries to save a former girlfriend (Juliette Lewis), and has a romance with his chauffeur and bodyguard (Angela Bassett). You won't want to miss Juliette Lewis in one of her sexiest roles ever. While defininitely not for the squeamish, if you love cyberpunk movies, you'll love Strange Days. Angela Bassett fires a TASER® Weapon in the last scene of the film.

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