Air TASER® Weapon Laser Weapon

Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight Weapon

The Air TASER® Weapon System complete with Laser Sight is the ideal weapon system. It warns attackers with a beam of laser light that illuminates your target night or day. The mounted Laser Sight is a strong deterent in itself. Frequently attackers will back off as soon as the laser target appears and the laser beam illuminates them from as far as 100 feet away. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) See other products.

Air TASER® Weapon Features If your attacker is still not detered, it fires a a highly compressed gas charge as they approach within 15-21 feet that launches 2 high velocity projectiles trailing over 15-21 feet of insulated wire. A total of 50,000 Volts surge through the weapon that penetrates 2 inches of clothing and leather. Regardless where the projectiles make contact with the subject, the charge will instantly drop any attacker to the ground. It will render them completely incapacitated for a considerable period of time, sufficient for you to either leave the scene or make an arrest.

It takes down any assailant instantly and effortlessly. Completely nonlethal with no lasting side effects, it is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, briefcase or even as a concealed weapon. Legal in most states. Restricted in NY, NJ, MA, WI, HI, RI, MI and some localities. (We do not ship to NJ.) Widely used and recommended by law enforcement agencies.

Optional equipment includes: readyclip carrying pouch with automobile visor clip, shoulder holster, law enforcement paddle holster and additional sets of replacement TASER® Air Cartridges.

Requires one standard 9 volt alkaline battery (not included). We recommend an Energizer 9 Volt Battery for this weapon over all other brands. Full instructions are included. Lifetime Warranty. We will replace any broken Air TASER® Weapon properly registered under our Lifetime Warranty Program. Includes: TASER® Weapon Stun Gun, Two (2) TASER® Air Cartridges, and Laser Sight.

Air TASER® Weapon Laser Weapon
Air TASER® Weapon Laser Sight Weapon$259.99

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