TASER® M18 fires 50,000 Volts From 15 Feet Away with Maximum Takedown Power!
M18 Advanced TASER® Weapon

There are two basic differences between the M18 TASER®, and all other stungun weapons. The M18 TASER® like all other TASER® weapons relies not on pain to be effective, but on EMD pulsing current to disrupt the body's electromuscular system. Second, it can be fired from a safe distance of up to 15 feet away.

This very powerful nonlethal weapon is legal to own and operate in 43 states. We do not ship to HI, MA, MI, NJ, NY, RI or WI. The M18 drops assailants to the ground from a safe distance of up to 15 feet away. Two projectiles are fired at the subject with a compressed CO2 charge, all contained in a replaceable cartridge, that inflict 18 Watts, 133 Milliamps and 50,000 Volts of pulsing electrical current through the electrodes.

This unique and revolutionary technology is referred to as Electro-Muscular Disruption (EMD). The current is more than sufficient to immediately drop an attacker to the ground, and it leaves assailants incapacitated for some time afterwards. It is said to have more stopping power than even a .357 Magnum because it is completely effective no matter where on the body the subject is hit. The current is effective even through 2 inches of cummulative clothing, so the projectiles can hit anywhere on the body. Most law enforcement agencies throughout the world agree that the TASER® is the most effective non-lethal weapon ever devised. The weapon also comes from the factory with an integrated lasersight in the form of the M18L Advanced TASER® with Lasersight.

New EMD technology of 50,000 Volts with 18 Watts and 133 MilliAmps of power is combined with the only "Electro Muscular Disruption" (EMD) system available. Unlike ordinary stunguns which rely solely on pain to stop an assailant, the M18 like all TASER® Weapons now in production pulse the current in very accurately timed jolts that are tuned exactly to interfere with the bodies electromuscular system. Therefore regardless of the person's threshold for pain endurance, the TASER® is always effective because it does not rely simply on inflicting pain to disable the person. Rather it prevents the brain from controlling the extremities effectively turning the person into a helpless form no more able to control his arms and legs than a quadriplegic.

Therefore the M18 Advanced TASER® is effective against attackers in all circumstances under all types of conditions. Even assailants under the influence of PCP, angel dust, cocaine, steroids, hallucinagens and other dangerous drugs are stopped by the incredible take down power of EMD Electro Muscular Disruption. Even determined, aggressive attackers influenced by mind altering drugs cannot overcome the massive stopping power of this incapacitating weapon.

Even though the M18 TASER® takes down assailants instantly and effortlessly, it does so without lethal force with little or no lasting side effects of any kind. This weapon is safe to keep in your home, car, office, purse, briefcase or even carry with you on daily basis as a concealed weapon.

The M18 continues to function after firing, on contact as a conventional stun gun works. So even if you miss your shot from a distance, you are not defenseless. Hold it against your assailant, and squeeze the trigger. It will have the same effectiveness as firing from a distance, even if you do not have time to remove the spent cartridge.

This weapon has a safety that works like a conventional firearm that makes it very convenient for carrying in a pocket, purse or fannypack. Not classified as a firearm, it is legal to carry with you in almost all areas. (We do not ship to 7 states.) When flying put it in your checked luggage. Widely used and recommended by law enforcement agencies for civilian use as the very best non-lethal personal protection weapon.

TASER® Weapon Features The M18 does NOT have a Laser Sight. The Laser Sight can NOT be added later. For the added threat and accuracy of the Laser Sight, we strongly recommend the M18L TASER® with Lasersight. Optional equipment includes: law enforcement and civilian shoulder holster, cartridge belt case, and additional sets of replacement TASER® Cartridges. Size is 8" x 6" x 2.5" so it will fit into even a small purse or large pocket. Requires eight standard AA alkaline batteries (not included). We recommend Duracell Ultra AA batteries with the blue band for this weapon. Batteries load into a clip that snaps into the handle of the weapon.

Owners Manual: provides instructions for use. Full instructions are included. Free Lifetime Warranty included. The manufacturer will replace any broken TASER® Weapon properly registered under the Free Lifetime Warranty Program. Includes: M18 Advanced TASER® Weapon, rugged carrying case, metallic practice target, instructional CD and Two (2) CO2 TASER® Air Cartridges.

TASER Shoulder Holster Free Advanced TASER® Shoulder Holster:
Now get a Free M18/M18L Advanced TASER® Shoulder Holster with every M18 or M18L ordered. In use by over 3,000 Secret Service Agents, and countless bodyguards, private investigators, private security personnel, jewelers, and other individuals for personal protection, the Shoulder Holster is $149.99 if purchased separately. Perfect for concealment, the holster fits comfortably under a suit, sportscoat or jacket. Custom designed for the M18/M18L Advanced TASER®, the holster has a thumb break and can be worn on the left or right side. The opposite side has two pouches designed to carry two extra cartridges. Be sure to order this fully adjustable shoulder holster at the same time as your M18L TASER® Weapon to receive it free of charge. This is a limited-time offering. Shoulder Holster ships separately. Pay only $8.95 S/H if ordered at the same time as your TASER® M18 or M18L.

M18 TASER® Weapon$399.95

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