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All items carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We will replace any broken Air TASER® Weapon properly registered under the Lifetime Warranty program.

M18 TASER® Weapons and M18L TASER® Weapons ship for FREE. Shipping charges are $4.55 each for all other items.

Restrictions: Items will not be shipped to 7 states. TASER® Weapons are also restricted in many countries. Please write for information on shipments outside the U.S. Although TASER® Weapon weapons are legal in most areas, it may not be legal to carry a TASER® Weapon on your person as a concealed weapon in some states, municipalities and public buildings. Do not carry a TASER® Weapon on board a commercial flight. Always pack it in your checked baggage. Check with your local law enforcement officials before purchasing a TASER® Weapon if you have any question about legality in your area. Always check with your local law enforcement officials before carrying a TASER® Weapon as a concealed weapon in your area. For more detail about restrictions see Laws.

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