TASER® Weapon Projectiles

The compressed gas inside each Air Cartridge fires two projectiles trailing 15 feet of insulated electrical wire. the projectiles are barbed and actually look like miniature harpoons with a barb on the end that prevent them from being easily removed. In fact, they may have to be surgically removed. Most subjects end up in an emergency room where a small incision needs to be made to remove each the of the projectiles.

The compressed gas cartridges are not refilled, they fire only once and are then discarded. The cartridges also scatter dozens of microdots that look like confetti. Each microdot has the registration number of the Taser or replacement cartridge so the weapon can be traced to the original purchaser of the weapon or cartridge. In the event of a TASER® Weapon ever utilized to commit a crime, law enforcement are able to trace the weapon back to the original purchaser.

Watching the Demonstration videos it is not always evident that the TASER® Weapon projectiles were not ever fired at the volunteer subjects. The projectiles were removed from the Air Cartridge and taped to the subject beforehand to test the results of the TASER® Weapon current on the subject. At least one TASER® Weapon customer tested it on himself by actually having someone fire it at himself. He was surprised to find that the barbed projectiles were not easily removed. Having a high tolerance to pain, he was able to perform minor surgery on himself without anesthesia to get them out.

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