TASER® Weapon Projectile Spread

Tighter Spread = Longer Range

distance.JPG (30590 bytes)

Some people have asked why we tightened the spread on the TASER® Weapon from the 12 degrees used in the original TASERTRON to the 8 degrees used by Advanced TASER® Weapons.   The answer is simple: longer effective range.  The chart above shows the relative spread of an 8 degree angle vs. a 12 degree angle.  As you can see, the difference in spread at close distances is minimal.  However, the effect at long ranges is substantial.  By using an 8 degree spread, we were able to increase our range to 21 feet and we still had a tighter spread than the older TASERTRON at 15 feet.

We believe that distance means safety, and that's why we use the 8 degree probe separation.

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